Haddonfield: The Home of Michael Myers

Well, with much regret I'm closing the doors to Haddonfield. I have always wanted to bring back a Halloween site, go back to what got me into webdesign in the first place, but I just don't have the time or energy for it anymore.

When I first decided to bring this site to life I thought it was going to be pretty easy especially having another webmaster sharing the duties. Well, I was wrong, that partnership didn't work out. Both of us were too busy to run the place and it was unfair to the users to keep running a place that was done half assed. We wanted to bring the fans a great Halloween site that was better then the rundown official site. Shortly after Haddonfield launched a new webmaster took over the official site and things got into motion there. Haddonfield was pretty much doomed. I tried a few times to get help with running the site, but it just didn't work out for different reasons.

Maybe in the future I'll walk this path again, but for right now it is not in the cards. I will continue to concentrate on Camp Blood: The Home of Jason Voorhees, Shivers of Horror, and my home life.

For those of you who were members of the forum here at Haddonfield, I welcome you to join the Camp Blood forum, (which is about to get a re-design), as it is much larger and much more active then Haddonfield ever was.

I'm sorry to have to close the doors, and thank you all for the help and support you did provide while it was open.